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Welcome to Open Circuits. Open Circuits is a wiki for sharing electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, and parts libraries.


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wiki-nodes of neighboring wiki

The WikiNode project tries to link every wiki in the world together. Our "WikiNode" links to closely-related wiki (and their WikiNode links back).

If you want to talk about something that is not quite on-topic here at Open Circuits (say, "desktop PC case modding", or "embedded Linux programming"), our WikiNode helps you find another wiki where people love to talk about that exact topic. The corresponding WikiNode on each of those wiki helps people who want to talk about "open hardware" to discover this wiki.

medical electronics wiki

open hardware cell phone wiki

other open wireless communications wiki

microcontroller wiki

other related wiki

For open source software (or open source in general) visit the Open Source Wikia.

CPU board wiki

other related wiki

  • Swarmwiki, a wiki for an open hardware group that build swarms of semi-autonomous spherical robots. needs wikinode
  • tgimboej wiki discusses The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk, and the "open source oriented hardware hackers" who receive it. needs wikinode
  • The DataFlow wiki is a wiki about art, new medias, electronics, interaction design, Python, PureData and other dataflow languages.
  • Wockets open-source hardware is a wiki about developing low-cost sensors for measuring physical activity on mobile phones.
  • wiki "up-to-date information about synthesizers, patches, modifications, etc." needs wikinode
  • bicycleledpov wiki: A bicycle visual LED artwork
  • Micropendous wiki: Open Hardware Development Boards for the Atmel's Full-Speed (12Mbit/s) USB AVR Microcontrollers (AT90USB162, ATmega32U4, AT90USB646, AT90USB1287)
  • the EcoModder wiki discusses various ways to measure and improve vehicle gas economy, including "MPGuino is an open source fuel economy computer (Arduino based) for any vehicle with electronic fuel injection and a Vehicle Speed Sensor."
  • Noisebridge Noisebridge is an infrastructure provider for technical-creative projects, collaboratively run by its members
  • Wikiants do-it-yourself (in German) has a section on Wikiants: open hardware.
  • Qi hardware wiki: Qi's mission is to promote and encourage the development of copyleft hardware.
  • MakerBot Wiki

Please add closely-related wiki. Keep the 7 or so of the most-closely-related wiki. Move less-relevant wiki to WikiIndex.

Are any of the wiki listed at relevant enough to list here?

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