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This page is for the Westport High School Robotics Club, other clubs are welcome to use this page as well, as long as the content makes sense for the club, other material should go on other pages. This years page a lot like last year's page, but different. Last year's page moved to 2008 Westport High School Page


2009 Meetings

Meeting will take place on in the room as last year. Thanks to Mr Renehan for being the Teacher sponsor for the club. Please do some recruiting for the club we need a few more members. The meetings here are in reverse order so more recent ( or future ones ) are at the top. Expect meetings every Tuesday school is in session.

Next meeting

  • Tuesday Oct 20. More messing around with Arduino. Perhaps sensors and motors, perhaps not.
    • As an assignment go to instructables and search on Arduino. Find a project to tell us about that you think is interesting. It does not have to be a project you want to do. This link will do the search for you [Instructables serach results for Arduino]
    • Think about buying an Arduino. I will do a write up you can show to your parents.
    • Load the Arduino and Processing software on your computer. You should see the page Beginners Setup for Arduino and Processing for the setup you will need.

Past meetings:

  • Tuesday Oct 13. We will start real work. Mr. H. will bring 2 computers, some Arduino's, cables, and some stuff: sensors, led's and motors.

First meeting

  • Tuesday Oct 6 in Mr Renehan's Room. This will be an organizational meeting.

Things to bring

It is very useful to have:

  • Paper ( best 3 hole punched )
  • Pencil ( not a pen, we all make mistakes, a pencil lets you fix them )
  • Notebook, 3 ring ( I may have a supply of a few )
  • USB Thumb Drive ( for documents and your own work )

Before a meeting ( say Sunday ) Check you email to see if there is any from the club. ( Please send me an email when you join so that I have your email address ) Need parts or anything else for a meeting? Make sure you send an email to Mr H reminding him of what you want, this will help a lot.

2009 Projects

Read this and look at the links!

This year we are going to switch our attention to Arduino based projects ( but as usual any electronics platform is open for consideration ). See: Microcontrollers for Beginners. We will also connect the Arduino to our PC so that programs on the can talk to programs on the PC and programs on the Arduino can talk to each other. You should see the page Beginners Setup for Arduino and Processing for the setup you will need.


Rest of document is draft, may be of some use, or not

Note: This is all really old and may not still apply.

Who What Now What Done What Next?
Tyler Arduino Little of everthing
  • Ideas for the Arduino
The Saint (Who?) Whiteboard, Looked over links Watched MrH build chopstick pen
  • Plan pen, install software for controller on some computer.
  • Figure out the Bluetooth adapter, install, bring to meetings
The Lamb (Who?) Salvaging Motors, Building clocks One printer partly deconstructed. More salvage, test motors.
Java the Hutt (Who?) Clock? and Rockets Try to make it to a meeting
MrH Arduino
New 1
New 2
New 3


What Where Posted

Arduino Links A cool processor, our focus for this year.
Microcontroller Serial Communications Articles
BitWacker PIC USB Development Board
BitWacker PIC and Other Microcontroller to Java Communications
Bargains Cheap, but good enough stuff
Basic Circuits and Circuit Building Blocks It is worth learning these
Arduino Links
PointLess LED Array One of Mr H's projects
Salvage Parts and Sources Really cheap
Solderless protoboard
Tutorials Go learn something
PIC based Stepper Motor Dancing Analog Clock
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