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This page is for the Westport High School Robotics Club, other clubs are welcome to use this page as well, as long as the content makes sense for the club, other material should go on other pages



The first meeting will take place on Tues Nov 4. Same room as usual. Thanks to Mr Renehan for being the Teacher sponsor for the club.

If you have time check out: Project DYI Whiteboard

Other focus for this year: Printed ciruits using the PIC Microcontroller

Things to bring

It is very useful to have:

  • Paper ( best 3 hole punched )
  • Pencil ( not a pen, we all make mistakes, a pencil lets you fix them )
  • Notebook, 3 ring ( I may have a supply of a few )
  • USB Thumb Drive ( for documents and a copy of the web site )

Before a meeting ( say Sunday ) Check you email to see if there is any from the club. ( Please send me an email when you join so that I have your email address ) Need parts or anything else for a meeting? Make sure you send an email to Mr H reminding him of what you want, this will help a lot.


What Where Posted

Arduino Links Special:Export/Arduino Links
Microcontroller Serial Communications Articles
BitWacker PIC USB Development Board
BitWacker Java Communications
BitWacker PIC and Other Microcontroller to Java Communications
Bargains Special:Export/Bargains
Basic Circuits and Circuit Building Blocks
PIC Links
PointLess LED Array
Salvage Parts and Sources
Solderless protoboard
Toner Transfer
Serial Communications Library -- BoostC and 16F877A
Project DYI Whiteboard
PIC based Stepper Motor Dancing Analog Clock


Image Example

Screen Shot

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