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cycle electronics

(motorcycle electronics moved to the vehicle page)


OpenCircuits is a wiki to assist electrical or computer projects by providing project pages that are continously updated. Rather than having to read long discussion threads. That way you can get updated quickly the latest information.

Here you can setup pages about original research, practical howto's, or an idea you have in electrical areas that doesn't have to be notable in a strict sense.

You can freely assume other readers have technical proficiency

Feel free to use wikipedia.org as a starting place or reference. But details on history, who, when and trivia is belong more to wikipedia. But try to avoid making this a wikipedia mirror. And rather a complement to wikipedia.

This place is built around the idea that sharing is better and we appriciate projects that allow others to reproduce or modify the projects here without restrictions. Please also understand that manufacturing comes with costs as most physical objects.


Is this a good wiki to talk about disassembling commercially-available electronics, and modding them to add just one more feature? For example, "iPhone disassembly" or "A photo-tutorial on adding RAM to a Model 100"? Or is there a better wiki elsewhere? -- 12:52, 10 March 2008 (PDT)

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