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I have several projects I'm currently working on. And several ideas I want to develop ito new projects. I was thinking about some of those when I came across this site. It seems so serendipitous, I just had to join and write something.

I've spent the last week or so working on PC board layouts of several voltage regulator designs I've built and used over the years. I built a replacement for a recording console power supply regulator, that has been working now for near 10 years. I couldn't find the high current regulators that the original design used, so I used a pair of 723 ICs and external pass transistors and made my own substitute. The 723 has been bery bery goot to me! I used another pair of them to make a bench supply that adjusts from 12V to 35V plus and minus are individually adjustable and the pass devices have a 20A rating. I use this to experiment with various discrete op amp designs. A modern version of the Jensen 990 is my goal.

I've also recently built my first switchmode regulator based on TIs TL494 PWM controller IC. My experience with switching regulators is limited. I never had to repair one, only replace the complete unit, so I'm having to learn about them on my own. I've collected a lot of documentation and learned about buck, boost, buck-boost, fly-back etc. But it is all "book learning" as opposed to "hands on" at this point.

I thought these regulators might interest someone. I will post the schematics and artwork here eventually, but I need to find out more about how that is done. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Aloha, RAF

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