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MPPT Solar and Wind Power Boost Charge Controller

This is an analogue computer with a digital option. It is an elegant, unique idea for MPPT. I have some documentation videos and circuit inside the link. The circuit works but I never used it much because my wind turbine project stalled. I am back: April 2016.

Sun Tracker or Irrigation Timer to drive motors

This is using two LEDs to sense the sun and send +- or -+ logic signals to a full bridge motor driver like L298 or http:/ 3X schematic. I bought his. I recommend it. I changed the front end logic to 4060 and 4011 ICs here, for fun. You could use this circuit to turn on an irrigation motor for a very short time every few hours or days (just omit the sun sensor and select appropriate timing pins and much lower oscillation frequency for the 4060).

Fridge Defrost Timer with Solar Trigger Option

The project video shows a fridge timer which can be set to trigger during high battery voltage sunny days so the defrost cycle never uses valuable battery power. It is switchable to act like a regular defrost timer for long cloudy stretches of time, like winter.

Solar panel rotator motor power with auto-shut-off

The project video shows a way to power solar panel rotator motors from a solar panel, supplemented by a walladapter.

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