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I think I first stumbled across Open Circuits on 2006-03-01. I had been starting to set up a electronics-related wiki, but since this one was already here, why bother?

Feel free to leave a note on my talk page.

I created the WikiNode.

Electronic projects: (Should I move these to dedicated pages such as electronics workbench, etc.?)


Notes for David from russ_hensel

Getting tired of reverting, seems to be getting a lot worse, think you should consider severe steps, approved registration with a short essay prior to joining. Is this too hard. CUI has been spammed and reverted over and over, but it seems to be spreading.

Also how can we best exchange files, can we allow zip files? This would be nice for eagle and other files. Perhaps limit to people who have already done useful edits on the site.

You are currently the admin? yes?

Is there a better way of reaching you? I am at struve13 at the verizon dot net site.


A better way -- edits to my talk page ( User talk:DavidCary ) get noticed much sooner than edits on my user page ( User:DavidCary ).

 phone recieved and deleted 

But I prefer public communication so I avoid the problems associated with (the perception of) back room decisions.

I agree that spamming is getting worse, and Someone Should Do Something.

As you can see from the history of this site at Help:Contents, the User:Chazegh originally set up this site.

--DavidCary 18:03, 4 February 2008 (PST)

electronics workbench

What exactly do I need for "normal" electronics development? I have a pile of stuff, and I have a wishlist of more stuff ... I hope to document which things are important to have, which things are useful but not immediately necessary, and which things ended up just gathering dust.

I wish there were a place like TechShop somewhere local.

  • filing cabinet for all the miscellaneous bits of paper. If at all possible, I attach instruction manuals to the actual tool -- but if that is awkward, I stick the instruction manual in this filing cabinet.

data collection network

I'm building a "data collection network" that may end up with hundred of microcontroller sensor nodes, piping data into a PC. This may turn into a serious medical diagnosis tool.

POV display

(moved to POV display)

Full-color LED lighting

I'm planning to build a silly little toy with 3 LEDs -- one for red, green, and blue -- to show how "additive colors" work (a "color wheel"). (I might just extend it to have a whole spectrum of visible and infrared LEDs, and a prism to show the little spikes in the spectrum that LEDs generate).

"Red, Green, and Blue LED based white light generation" by Muthu, Schuurmans, and Pashley (2002)

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