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Toaster oven reflowing:

Using The Silicon Horizon Inc's techFX reflow controller, you can have a standalone setup (with lcd and keypad) or use it through your USB port with windows software. The LCD and keypad are optional items.

It uses a K-type thermocouple and amplifier to take readings from a hacked toaster oven. It controls the toaster oven using a modified PID algorithm with software adjustable PID gains through the windows application.

The windows application can program PID gains, setup a keypad, and store profiles on the controller for later use or keypad use. The windows software also shows realtime graphing of the temperature curve.

The manual is pretty decent, it has pictures detailing the entire test setup and hacking a black and decker lightwave oven. IR ovens are recommended as is the lightwave oven (~1300 watts).

It is strongly suggested that you use a solid state relay, and an extra breaker on the plug in the back to plug the oven into the controller (available at home depot). that way if something goes wrong with the oven, then the breaker will trip and hopefully nothing catches fire :)

Some people claim that electric skillets are better than toaster ovens for reflowing PCBs full of electronic components.

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