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=== TRAXMOD Digital Audio Player ===
TRAXMOD is an open source digital audio player for dsPIC/ARM microcontrollers. Unlike most portable audio players, TRAXMOD's main focus is module music files (MOD, etc).
TRAXMOD is an open source digital audio player for dsPIC/ARM microcontrollers. Unlike most portable audio players, TRAXMOD's main focus is module music files (MOD, etc).

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TRAXMOD Digital Audio Player

TRAXMOD is an open source digital audio player for dsPIC/ARM microcontrollers. Unlike most portable audio players, TRAXMOD's main focus is module music files (MOD, etc). - Project web site.

About Module Music

MOD music started in the 1980's on Amiga computers and has been evolving ever since. While MP3 seems to take center stage for most people today, module music files still provide some unique advantages over MP3:

  • A huge amount of legal, freely downloadable music is available on the Internet from sites such as the MOD Archive and Nectarine Demoscene Radio. Most MP3 files are ripped from commercial RIAA controlled music CDs, which makes it illegal to share them with friends. In contrast, most MOD files are composed by individuals who allow them to be freely distributed.
  • MP3 files are finalized raw wave data that are not easy to tinker with. MOD files combine individual instrument wave data and note event information (ala MIDI) which allows users to see more information about how the music is composed. It is far easier to read, remix, and tinker with MOD music files for those learning about creating music.
  • Numerous free and low cost programs exist to support the creation of new module music on most platforms. Many people create MOD music in their home with minimal equipment, rather than spending large amounts for studio time.
  • Small file sizes, usually even smaller than MP3 files of comparable play length.
  • Patent free.
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