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incontri alessandria scudetto4 smartlink modem packard bell ml30 www mini mini com lcd 17 philips 8ms dvid lcd 910mp esiti esame avvocato messina 2003 calendari feticisti kof pat matheney urke video hombre desnudo gprs modem merlin corriera della sera enter the matrix materassi per lettini da campeggio alanise morisette rave allstars televisore lcd 32 dvi strictly come dancing dell convertitore da ps2 a pc parigi offerta ipercalcemia maligna child custody residence majestic www lanciay it facce di clown foto liceo giuliocesare guerra di spie gucci occhiali 1651 goal famosi forum escort dj slon countri flash sony f828 recupero dato elettronico freestyler dune mikado da tavola step out starmotor excite saints of virtue canon ef 16 35 noleggio vettura poltrona massaggio disney dvd hp compaq nx9105 gigi dalessio quanti amori voti fantacalcio giacomelli sedie organ transplantation momentus 7200 avventure di un fotografo web cam it sigla triple h wrestling palma di montechiaro eminem traduzione il sito dei blue pronuncia inglese tecnoservice rovigo c8080 olympus abit nf7 s fagatogo calendario ragazze del web foto naziskin analisti programmatori microsoft (regione lombardia milano provincia) panasonic 100hz valchirie la paganella resident evil 3 prima del previsto haiducii rmx pila cr2032 dynamit blaster www comune ve it separazione consensuale modulo vacanze mare egitto piccolo amico di gigi d alessio curriculm julieta venegas andar conmigo rosari lg rz 42px11 nokia 6630 supporto auto medal of honor frontline ps2 romina on ebay numai tu free p di capri video nothing else matters dei metallica testo di sunrise coppie over 50 grasse feticista piedi winni the pooh sito ufficiale giornalista gruber kramer gorni servidora araneae eric portman europe cherry un telecomando per la ps2 europea freepics eamon solo moda estate 2004 ny muscle tecra s2 centrino pm 760 tenda svalbard regione friuli asics scarpe moda manfrotto 055 pro gabriella labate pdp 2556 player gratuiti canon powershot s60 calvignasco fottuti stronzi ragazza straniera pioneer dvd 109 masterizzatore tiscali italia chopin bal 23 hely attac left outsdie alone ignis tuttigiorni antivirus worm hitler foto bodeo sakura wars vol 02 bandera del estado de texas videoregistratore hifi a 6 testine esibizionismo psichiatria apocalisse 23 testi raiz scegli me donne in cerca di sesso hetian camicie uomo versace asus p5nd2 deluxe sony cineprese video voli desenzano del garda marseillaise ytfh pc geo supermerca 2 mikkeli barba camicie fornitura caffe uffici jhon richmond 567 test drive offroad 3 a quattro zampe calderara di reno norme edilizie get down the night whats up mid {| align=right |- | Samtec |}

Samtec is a large connector manufacturer that builds parts to order.

Sparkfun's opinion and advice:
As a company, Samtec is reasonably easy to deal with but their website is pretty convoluted. You can try using their build-a-part wizard, but we recommend you get a paper catalog and thumb through. All their literature is beautiful, too bad their website is so difficult to use.

We buy all sorts of sockets and connectors from them.

On an interesting note, they have no stock. They build everything to order! We ordered some parts with an incorrect/old part #. Upon receiving 100 bad connectors, we attempted to return them. The customer service rep just stuttered on the phone - they don't do returns! Since they build everything to order, they would have no place to even put returned parts. We were SOL. Kind of a cool business model/concept, but just be sure you've got the right part #.

To help you get the right part # - they'll send you all sorts of free samples! Way to go Samtec!

Manufacturer Info:

Contact Info:
1-800-SAMTEC-9 (who still does this? I hate it when companies list some horrible spelled phone number so here's the real number)

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