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About Me

I am a once upon a time high school teacher and database programmer/software engineer. My hobbies now are gardening, Python programming, microcontrollers, Physics/Math, my cats and whatnot. I have a nice wood shop, some metal working tools, and am learning to weld. I have a fairly large collection of scientific antiques, mostly microscopes, surveying instruments, and electronics test equipment. Online my name is often russ_hensel, gives me a pretty unique id on Google. I live in Dartmouth Ma.

I am now on Facebook, but do not post much.

I have posted a few Instructables, find me there at: Instructables member: russ_hensel

You can reach me ( EMAIL ) at: no_spam_please_666 at comcast dot net (REFORMAT FOR A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS). This address is just for first contact, I will respond with a better address after first contact.

My Editing Links

These links are for me to navigate to pages I have done quite a bit of work on or want to look at frequently. They are not for you, but you can use them if you want.

Articles posted here on Open Circuits

Serial Communications and Microcontrollers

  • Python Smart Terminal As of Sept 2016 still and active project.
  • Category:Serial_Communications Most of these have at least large input from me. Some are general, some for the Arduino, and some for the PIC microcontroller.
  • Category:PIC I have mostly converted to the Arduino, but before that I used the PIC, still think it is a nice micro controller, but building the boards and finding a coding environment.... is more of a pain than I want.

Articles posted on Instructables

Related to Python

Related to Arduino

Pi Setup Nov 2016

Related to Electronics


us double brackes for categories

  category:Member Page
  category:Test Instrument
  category:Serial Communications
  category:Test Instrument
  category:Test Instrument
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