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This is a page for reference in my other software pages, software so often depends upon its environment:


Main OS Windows

My main computer environment is a Toshiba Satellite with 8 gig of memory and lots of disk. I have recently upgraded to Windows 10. I also run Virtual Box and have several virtual machines available, primarily Linux Mint.

Python Under Windows

My Python ( 2.7 ) system runs on the machine above. I originally installed some vanilla version of 2.7. I then installed in a new directory Anaconda Spyder, partly for its IDE and because it does a really nice install of Python including a bunch of nice extensions. This installation has be maintained and extended with both conda and pip. Recently I deleted the original install of Python, but some of it may remain. I sometimes run my programs from inside Spyder and sometimes launch from the command line.


I program using the arduino.exe IDE. Now on version: 1.6.0

Raspberry Pi Machine(s)

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