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*Connect your usb to rs232 cable to your computer
*Connect your usb to rs232 cable to your computer
==Download Loading Firmware==
==Download and Loading Firmware==
===Windows Vista===
===Windows Vista===

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  1. PC with COM port (Windows XP Installed for MPLAB)
  2. ICD2 Programmer
  3. Target Board
  4. 5V Power Supply


  1. MPLAB IDE v7.50: v7.60 is not compatible with our current ICD2 Programmers. There are consistent "Devices cannot be founded" warnings.
  2. dsPicProgrammer (dsPicProgrammer.jar)


  1. dsPicBootloader (bl_5011.hex). Original assembly code by ingenia can be downloaded from here.
  2. Application hex file (e.g. app.hex)

Loading Bootloader (Once only)

Loading Bootloader
Step Remarks
  • Do NOT connect ICD 2 (via USB) to PC
  • Execute MPLAB vX.XX Install.exe
Install USB Driver
  • Follow the instruction in (C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\ICD2\Drivers\Ddicd2.htm)
Select Target Chip
  • Run MPLAB IDE on PC
  • Select: Configure>Select Devices...
  • Choose dsPIC30F5011
Target <-> ICD 2
  • Use six pin cable. Beware of the pin assignments. Only pin 1 - 5 should be used.
  • Place Jumper on target board (if any). The Jumper connects target Vcc to ICD 2.
  • Do NOT power-up the target.
ICD 2 <-> PC
  • Plug-in ICD 2 to PC via USB cable
  • Power-up the target.
  • Select: Programmer>Select Programmer>MPLAB ICD 2
  • If this is the first time the ICD 2 is connected to PC, MPLAB IDE will automatically download the required OS to ICD 2, wait until it has finished
  • If you have not connected and powered up the target, you might see Warnings on invalid device IDs, and/or running self tests.
  • See results of self test if necessary: Programmer>Settings, Status Tab. Refer to ICD2 User's Guide Chapter 7.
Load Bootloader
  • Select: File>Import...
  • Select bl_5011.hex
Start Programming
  • Select: Programmer>Program
  • Power-down the Taget
  • Select: Programmer>Select Programmer>None
  • Unplug USB cable

Hardware Setting


  • Connect your usb to rs232 cable to your computer

Download and Loading Firmware

Windows Vista


  • Go to Control Panel \ Device Manager


  • Find out your Device comm port Number


  • Open a command prompt


  • Run dsPicProgrammer
    • Input cd Desktop\dsPic_production\dsPicProgrammer


  • Loading Firmware
    • Input jre\bin\java -Djava.library.path=.\rxtx\bin -jar dspicProgrammer.jar COM1 115200 ./firmware/foo.hex
    • eg. jre\bin\java -Djava.library.path=.\rxtx\bin -jar dspicProgrammer.jar COM9 115200 ./firmware/8072303.hex
where COM9 is your COM Port ID
115200 is communication speed [in bps]
foo.hex is your firmware new file


  • Enter Y to comfirm

2 6 complete.JPG

  • Wait until programming is completed.
  • after all completed, power OFF your device, then power ON again, enjoy your new updated.

Windows XP

e.g. desktop
  • Unzip the, then you have an unziped file.

File:Prog guid dl.JPG

  • Drag the unzip file to a director.
eg. USB memory devics

Prog guid drag.JPG

  • Save your .hex file(foo.hex) to your directory location
e.g. X:\dsPic_Programmer\ ---> X:\ is the driver where the dsPic_Programmer located

Prog guid hex.JPG

Download Firmware

  • Start a Command Prompt
  • Run dsPicProgrammer
    • Make sure your device is connected through a "Direct RS232 Cable" to PC Serial Port.
    • Change to the directory where dsPicProgrammer.jar is located and run the command:
      • for example, jre\bin\java -Djava.library.path=.\rxtx\bin -jar dspicProgrammer.jar COM1 115200 foo.hex
      • Or directly using dsPicProgrammer.bat COM1 115200 foo.hex(Windows)
      • java -jar dsPicProgrammer.jar /dev/ttyS0 115200 foo.hex (Linux)
where COM1 is your COM Port ID
115200 is communication speed [in bps]
foo.hex is your firmware new file
2 3 command.JPG
  • When the program prompt you for an input, press y:
    File:2 4 prompt.JPG
  • If communication can be established, you should see something like this:
    2 5 progress.JPG
  • Wait until programming is completed.
    2 6 complete.JPG
  • after all completed, power OFF your device, then power ON again, enjoy your new updated.


Invalid COM Port

  • In case of selecting an invalid COM port, you should see the error message: Choosing COM Port Error
    3 1 com err.JPG

Missing firmware file

  • In case of selecting a firmware file that does not exist, you should see the error message: foo1.hex <The system cannot find the file specified>
    3 2 file err.JPG

Missing RXTX driver

  • In case of missing the RXTX driver, you should see the error message:
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: gnu/io/UnsupportedCommOperationException
    3 3 rxtx err.JPG

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