Parametric 3D Printed Electronics Case/Enclosure

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Cases/Enclosures for electronics project are often a bit of a pain. They cost too much, it is hard to find the right size, and after one is in hand it can be quite a bit of work to finish off all the holes, mounting bits and so on. Perhaps 3D print can come to the rescue. I looked around for what are called parametric models of cases -- I did not find any that were quite what I had in mind so I designed my own.



  • FreeCad based.
  • Parametric -- at least for height, width and base.
  • Easy to customize each face with holes .....
  • Early idea was to print 4 walls as one price, then use sheet stock for top and bottom -- still an option.
  • Various options as to how to print the 6 different sides, as 1...6 sides.


Not yet complete

Modifications I Might Make

  • Add additional optional structures internally for mounting.
  • Perhaps slide in slots for boards.
  • Better control of the bolt holes.


Sample Workflow


Configuration Examples

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