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The following is a user-submitted list of PCB manufacturers. Your results may vary.

This page lists "board houses" that take your custom PCB layout file and convert it to a custom printed circuit board (PCB) (ready for the next step: "assembly" adding parts). For "standard" prototyping PCBs, see stripboard and other techniques.

The Ladyada PCB Cost Comparison Calculator[1] is a quick way to compare the (very roughly estimated) price of your board at many of the following fabs.

(FIXME: briefly mention the most relevant "capabilities": "preferred" and "minimum" trace width / spacing / via hole size / via pad diameter. Link directly to the manufacturer's "capability page" so readers can confirm these numbers for themselves. Boards that push the limit of manufacturability cost more than robustly designed boards that use preferred sizes.) For more details, see Submitting PCB's for fabrication.)

A few of these board houses do some automated DRC or manual checking (or both) before fabbing your board. If they find any issues, they email those issues to you and put the board on hold -- which typically delays the board a day or two. However, most people consider this a good thing -- they would rather have a board a day or two later than the quoted turn time, rather than a definitely nonfunctional board immediately.

In no particular order:


homebrew fabrication

capabilities: (see also Techniques#Homebrew fabrication)


  • 1-layer, FR-4, 0.062" thick
  • no-holes-plated
  • 0.031" (0.8mm) line/gap ... except for 0.020" (0.5 mm) gap between pads ... bigger if possible.
  • No mask
  • No legend
  • Minimum hole size 0.031" (0.8mm) diameter
  • minimum via: 0.031" (0.8mm) diameter, 0.024" (0.6mm) ring giving 0.080" (2 mm) outer diameter.

PCB Train

preferred: ([2])

  • via: 0.5 mm diameter (PCB technical advice)
  • track/gap: ???
  • 2 layer 1.6 mm FR4 PTH, 1oz copper finished thickness, immersion silver finish
  • no solder resists, no legends, no electrical test. (???)
  • 0.2 mm track/gap on 1 oz boards
  • holes spacing at least 0.30mm

PCB Train minimum capabilities:

  • holes: 0.20 mm diameter finished size
  • 0.30 mm track/gap on 2 oz boards
  • 0.15 mm track/gap on 1 oz boards
  • 0.250 mm gap within a ground plane
  • 0.5 mm drill hole to copper clearance on inner layer
  • 0.15 mm legend line width
  • £55.13 total for 4 boards, 100 mm x 50 mm board, 2 layer 1.6 mm FR4 PTH, 1oz copper, 15 day delivery.

PCB Train Online PCB quote calculator. Also does PCB assembly.

Custom Circuit Boards

  • 2 Layer – Min .005” Max .250” 14 Layer – Min .054” Max .250”
  • 4 Layer – Min .015” Max .250” 16 Layer – Min .062” Max .250”
  • 6 Layer – Min .025” Max .250” 18 Layer – Min .093” Max .250”
  • 8 Layer – Min .031” Max .250” 20 Layer – Min .125” Max .250”
  • 10 Layer – Min .040” Max .250” 22 Layer – Min .125” Max .250”
  • 12 Layer – Min .047” Max .250” 24 Layer – Min .125” Max .250”

Please contact for more information on their PCB manufacturing capabilities.

Sierra Proto Express

preferred: 15 mils min drill hole diameter 6 mil trace/space

Can go to 10 mil drill and 5 mil trace/space and still get "no touch" service (very modest price increase) Also can do outlines with up to 16 edges.

Has free BetterDFM service to check a design before fabbing.

Has a "will-call" pickup option if you live in the SF Bay area. This is nice because it cuts a day or two off your overall fab time

One disadvantage of Sierra "no-touch" is that they have a surcharge if you go over their hole density limit. (haven't seen this with other fabs) if you have more than 50 holes per square inch - their automated system doesn't let you place the order - you have to have someone manually add a $10 surcharge per board to continue.


capabilities: Preferred:

  • .008" trace/space
  • .020" Min drill hole diameter
  • .006" Silk screen min line width


  • .004" trace/space
  • .010" Min drill hole diameter

Accepts Gerbers or files generated by their own freeware proprietary Pad2Pad layout software.

instant online quoting "Prices as low as $18.69 each (plus shipping) at qty 3. The above is using our Proto Service for a 2" x 2", 1 oz, 062" thick, FR4, double sided, top white silk screen, green solder mask, plated thru holes . Our Proto Service is only applicable for orders placed with the Pad2Pad software."

Also has assembly services.

Precision Technologies, Inc. - Eprotos.com

Precision Technologies, Inc. - Eprotos.com capabilities:

  • __ trace/space (FIXME)

PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd. -


  • __ trace/space (FIXME)

Online PCB quote calculator (FIXME: link?)


4-layer boards up to 30 sq in. with 7/7 are $210 for 5, including shipping. Turn time is about 10 days including DHL from China. Service is not as fast as bigger outfits like Advanced Circuits, but still fine.


  • $2.50 / square inch + $10 setup: double-sided with silk screen and solder mask on both side.
  • $8.00 / square inch + $10 setup: 4 layer with silk screen and solder mask on both side.

No minimum quantity. Must use your own software to generate Gerber files. Easy-to-use web ordering interface, but slow turnaround time -- sometimes 30 days.

Also, if you want, BatchPCB will sell more copies of your PCBs to anyone else that wants one. And give you money. Why wouldn't you want that?

Sparkfun forum: PCB Deal Details

BatchPCB in the news: "Build a Custom-Printed Circuit Board" by James Turner. IEEE Spectrum, 2010-April

Warning: We received wrong hole sizes in two orders, which BatchPCB would not acknowledge or correct even upon several emails containing very clear pictorial evidence of the error. This is very unsatisfactory.

DorkbotPDX PCB order

DorkbotPDX is batching PCBs to get lower hobbyist friendly prices. Although this was started primarily for the DorkbotPDX community, it's open to everyone now.

  • $5 per square inch for three copies of your design. Shipping by US Mail is included, and there are no setup fees. International priority mail shipping is available for a flat rate of $15.
  • 2 layer FR-4, 0.062" thick
  • 6 mil minimum trace/space (0.006" 0.15 mm)
  • 15 mil clearances from traces to the edge of the board
  • 13 mil minimum drill size
  • 7 mil minimum annular ring
  • soldermask on both sides
  • silkscreen on both sides.

"feel free to drop me an email. I love helping people with their designs." -- Laen.

Screaming Circuits


Advanced Circuits

Online design rule checking. Students can order single PCB's for $33 each.

Peter Todd mentions "bare bones prototype: printed circuit boards" http://BareBonesPCB.com/ :


  • 2-layer, FR-4, 0.062" thick
  • All-holes-plated
  • 8-mil line/gap (?)
  • Cut to rectangle shape only
  • No mask
  • No legend
  • Minimum hole size 0.015"


  • 6 mil line, 10 mil gap on inner layers
  • 5 mil line/gap on outer layers (?)
  • 0.010 inch final finished hole size
  • minimum pad size: 0.024" (minimum 0.014" over finished hole size )


Bulgarian PCB manufacturer - 24 EUR (~$33) for a 6.3" by 3.9" board. I.E. cheaper than BatchPCB, but with a minimum board size requirement, and a more complicated ordering process. - shipping cost +8.5 EUR(~$12) outside of europe.

They allow multiple designs per PCB, and will even panelize them for you.


  • white component mark on one side
  • traces/spaces >= 0,254 mm (0,010")
  • via hole size: 0.6mm (0,024") ( standard drill tool: 0,7 mm (0,028") minus plating 0,1mm (0,004") ) ; via pad size: ???

extra cost:

  • silkscreen both sides
  • minimum track/spaces: 0,203 mm (0,008")
  • minimum via hole size: ??? ; minimum via pad size: ???
  • using non-standard drill sizes

Olimex sponsors the "PICList free PCB contest": Every month Olimex sends a free board to the winner of that month's "open design hardware" contest. "Tsvetan's idea is that this will encourage people to publish designs and get more good ideas out into the real world for everyone to see."

Sunstone Circuits aka PCB123


Sunstone Circuits offers three product lines:

  • PCB123
  • Quickturn
  • Full-feature

- PCB123 -

Sunstone's own free (proprietary) schematic and PCB layout software -- easy to use, but you are locked into using their service unless you're willing to pay $60 for gerber files from them[3]. Integration with ordering system simplifies the process of ordering boards. Unrestricted design size, live quoting of diki-key parts within the bill of materials view.

- Quickturn -

Fixed (fast) leadtimes with restricted capabilities. Double-sided (with or without soldermask), 4 layer and 6 layer fabrication:

  • traces/spaces >= mm (0.006") (the Sunstone DFM rules mention preferred width: 0.006", clearance 0.010")
  • finished via hole size: mm (0.016") ; via pad size: 0.030"
  • Pre-set finish drill sizes: .016, .020, .025, .029, .033, .036, .040, .043, .046, .053, .061, .067, .080, .087, .093, .100, .110, .125, .141, .151, .167, .193, .251
  • power plane clearance: 0.012"
  • 2-side Solder Mask
  • 1-side Silkscreen
  • instant online quote
  • open quantities from 1 to 100
  • has "PCB123 - free PCB Design Software from Sunstone Circuits"

extra cost:

  • 2-side silkscreen

- Full-featured -

Wide range of capabilities, price depends on exact specifications. Instance online quote.


All orders submitted before noon ship the next day. UPS ground shipping is free. Since they are located in the Portland, OR area this means you can get a board overnight to most places in the Northwest US.

Basic service is a two layer board routed to any size and shape. Two 9 sq inch boards for $63 (including shipping). Soldermask and silkscreen doubles the price.

EAGLE CAM export and design rule check scripts are provided.

PCBexpress is apparently a division of Sunstone Circuits Quickturn service.


5 Boards for $60 ($12 ea. for 10 sq. inches) with a 5 day turn time.

AP Circuits

2 boards, 2 layers next day shipping for as low as 7.95 each. or 2 boards, 2 layers, 2 solder masks and legend one side for as low as 9.95 each. 3 Day Service

Online quotes at http://www.apcircuits.com/ap/calculator

Full CNC contour routing including plated slotting, oversize holes, internal cutouts for a modest fee

Instructions for creating Gerber and NC output from many popular PCB programs are also on this site.


4 2 layer boards for $19.89 each. Great prices for production board runs. Helpful staff.

preferred: (FIXME:)

maximum capabilities:

  • minimum 0.004" (0.1 mm) trace/space
  • minimum finished hole size: 0.008" (0.2 mm)
  • Very low cost quick turn proto promo prices too


Free proprietary schematic and layout software, used for all board services (like PCB123). Simplifies the process of getting a board done and out, by vertically integrating the design and production flow. Fewer options and less power, but fewer ways to screw up.

  • Good deal on small prototypes: Mini-Board Service (3 identical boards, 2.5" X 3.8", doublesided, plated through, no silkscreen or soldermask) is priced well at $51 total, plus $10 shipping. Orders placed by 2PM ET ship the next business day by 2nd Day Air.
  • Capabilities(inches) Production: Minimum trace width: 0.006". Minimum clearance: 0.006", preferred 0.010" . Perimeter clearance: 0.015", suggested 0.025". Holes - 23 sizes: 0.014"(via only), 0.020" - 0.251". Minimum Hole Spacing: 0.021" between edges. Vias/holes: 0.031"/0.014" -0.115"/0.052" . Pads/holes(round/square): 0.041"/.020" - 0.450"/0.251" . SMT: 0.010"x.070" - 0.420"x0.420" BGA: 0.012" - 0.020" .
  • Software features: SCH netchecks. PCB imports PADS netlists, and illuminates nets nodes to assist in connection. Built-in updated price quotes for all offered board services. Copy to clipboard available for schematic & silkscreen+pads(layers must be screen-captured.) Pretty good selection of components, pads, symbols, for free.
  • Notes: No Gerber support. Primitive single-level undo/redo. No PCB footprint selection/placement wizard from SCH info. No autorouting. SCH generates BOM, but PCB can't back-annotate (frustrating because most PCB footprints have Digikey part#s.) No net-based vendor integration. No scripting or plugins integration. Not enough keyboard shortcuts, uneditable.
  • Review: The company is responsive and responsible. The Mini-Board service is addictively cheap and fast, and the other proto and production services are good, if not the cheapest option. Board quality is high; fine traces held up perfectly. The software is stable and simple, but tedious work for high parts-count or high-density boards.
  • Conclusion: The sweet spot for ExpressPCB is sparse, simple, quickly-designed boards, at low and very high quantities. At any other density or complexity, might as well learn and use Eagle or KiCAD.


Turnaround ~8days + shipping, instant online quotes. $30 tooling fee, under $2/sq in.

Speedy PCB Prototype

No minimum order, $9.9 for protos, no extra charge for soldermask, silkscreen, E-testing, very low price on 2, 4, 6 layers.


online quote and track system.

Sales: leonx@pwb.com.cn , yukiw@auspienterprises.com

Roca Printed Circuits


Bilex LP

Also offer assembly in THT and SMT.


Accutrace (pcb4u)



prototype prices:

  • 3 10 sq. in. 2 sided prototype boards for a total of $54 + $22 shipping.
  • 10 10 sq. in. 2 sided prototype boards for a total of $64 + $30 shipping.
  • Layer counts: 2-28 layers
  • Finished Copper Thickness: 0.5-5 OZ
  • Finished Board Thickness: 0.2-6.0mm
  • Min. Line/Track Width: 4mil
  • Min. Line/Track Space: 4mil
  • Min. Solder Mask Bridge: 4mil (Min. SMT Pad Space 8mil)
  • Min. Legend(Silkscreen) Track Width: 5mil
  • Min. Legend(Silkscreen) Height: 30mil
  • Min. drilling slot size: 0.6mm


Homepage: http://www.pcb-pool.com/

  • Min. track/gap 5mil
  • Min. drill size 8mil
  • Online price calculation
  • Ideal for single prototypes and small series
  • Very good quality
  • Deliverytime from 8 hours
  • Free stencil with every prototype order
  • Offer also assembly for prototypes
  • Free Layout Software TARGET PCB-POOL Edition



Custom PCB


Rush Circuit Technologies


Myro PCB

Also does PCB assembly and (some?) parts ordering.

PCB capabilities [4]: PCBA capabilities [5]

4 small (max. 30 sq. inch) 2 sided prototype boards for a total of $80 + $35 shipping

  • Min. track/space 0.1 mm (0.004").
  • 0.35 mm via hole (0.014")
  • 0.32 mm inner clearance (0.013").

Imagineering, Inc.



  • min. track/space 0.08 mm (0.003")
  • ...
  • instant online quote

Onboard Circuits


OnBoardCircuits.com printed circuit boards:


  • __ trace/space (FIXME)

GC Aero


"GC Aero specializes in the design and manufacture of flexible circuits and completed assemblies."



"Minco has the ability to wind flat inductive coils and laminate them within flex circuits."

Uniflex Circuits




  • polyimide flex circuits
  • (FIXME:)


  • .003"/.003" Minimum Trace and Space on 0.5 oz. copper
  • .010" (drill size) Minimum Inner Diameter
  • .014" Minimum Annular Ring Over Drill Size
  • minimum pad size: 0.038" (calculated from min drill size + 2*annular ring)

Printed Wiring Technologies Ltd



  • FR4, Rogers 4003, Rogers 4350, Rogers RT/Duroid
  • "Lead Free HASL" or Gold surface
  • solder resist: Green, Green (Matt), Red, Blue, Black, or Clear
  • silkscreen: White, or Yellow
  • Minimum Track & Gap: 0.127mm (5 thou)
  • Minimum Hole (Drilled): 0.25mm
  • Minimum Annular Ring: 0.127mm (5 thou)
  • Minimum Inner Clearance: 0.254mm (10 thou)


  • minimum Track & Gap: 0.0762mm (3 thou)
  • minimum Hole (Drilled): 0.20mm
  • minimum Annular Ring 0.0762mm (3 thou)
  • Minimum Inner Clearance: 0.216mm (8.5thou)

Seeed Studio

Hobbyists created studio with PCB/PCBA services, they have outstanding communication among Chinese. They have some $10 offer for rather small board and $89 for combined designs. A very good alternative if you don't need it in a rush, or in large volume. Eagle files are accepted too. "An idea about open source PCBs".

DOMINO PCB service: $49 + $0.12 per sq.cm, . 2 layers, silk screen both sides, soldermask both sides, free shipping.

Propaganda - PCB service for open source works: $30 per board, qty 5, max 10cm*10cm each. 2 layers, silk screen both sides, soldermask both sides, +shipping (?) -- must be open-source and allow seeedstudio to offer the boards to others.


MicroConnex fabricates flex circuits including strain gauges.


  • ...

Circuits Unlimited

Circuits Unlimited Inc.

"Flexible circuit design, manufacturing, and assembly"

capabilities: capabilities:


single sided flex: 12x12 panels 1oz copper with .001 Kapton on both sides. All solder pads on same side. Plating: HASL over all exposed copper. Stiffeners: 1 Kapton stiffener (.005 Kapton) and 1 FR4 stiffener PER design.

double-sided flex: 12x12 panels 1oz copper, 2 sides, with .001 Kapton on both sides. Plating: HASL over all exposed copper. Gold available at extra cost Stiffeners: 1 Kapton stiffener (.005 Kapton) and 1 FR4 stiffener PER design.

"Summer Special": "$900.00 is the starting price for single and double sided flexible circuit designs."

Spirit Circuits



Offers free "Naked PCB", a tracks and holes only prototype.

capabilities: preferred:

  • FR4
  • Minimum Track & Gap: 0.10 mm == 0.004" (with 18 µm == 1/2 ounce copper)
  • Minimum Hole: 0.20 mm == 0.008"
  • Minimum Annular Ring: 0.10 mm == 0.004" (with 18 µm == 1/2 ounce copper)
  • minimum solder mask dam: 0.075 mm == 0.003"
  • silkscreen ident/legend: 0.15 mm/0.15 mm feature/clearance == 0.006"/0.006"
  • Copper to unconnected drill hole: 0.30 mm minimum == 0.012" (?)

minimum: ???

Gold Phoenix PCB


BatchPCB aggregates designs into panels and ships them to GoldPhoenix to be made; they use GP's base specs and add a bottom silkscreen.

capabilities: preferred:

  • FR4 0.062", 1OZ copper
  • Minimum Track & Gap: 0.007"
  • Minimum Hole: 0.015"
  • Green solder mask, white silkscreen (one side)
  • Free Step & repeat, V-scoring
  • As many of your design as will fit into 1000 CM Sq for $99, including shipping to North America

All specs may be dropped down to the below ratings, for an additional fee -- this can end up costing more than the "normal" panel itself!


  • 6oz copper
  • 4mil spacing (track & gap)
  • 8 mil minimum hole
  • two-side silkscreen
  • FR4 0.024" - 0.118"
  • 0.8mm "Rogers 4350B" (flexible PCB)
  • Colored soldermask or silkscreen

PCB International


Prototype Specials

2 Layer 100 square inches starting at $94.99 4 Layer 100 square inches starting at $179.99 6 Layer 100 square inches starting at $299.99

All standard Specs Included:

Free Tooling Free E-test 5/5 (mil) Trace/Space Minimum drill (12-mil) Solder Mask (yellow, red, blue, green) Silk Screen - 2 sides Silk Screen (red, black, yellow, white) HASL Free Finish

International Circuits Inc.

Also makes flex and aluminum PCBs.

International Circuits sample prototype pricing:

2 layer 100 square inches starting at $95.00

  • 4 layer 100 square inches starting at $200.00
  • 6 layer 100 square inches starting at $330.00
  • 8 layer 100 square inches starting at $550.00

standard Specs Included:

  • Free Tooling, Free E-test

5/5 (mil) Trace/Space

  • Minimum drill (12-mil)
  • Double Sided Solder Mask (yellow, red, blue, green)
  • Double Sided Silk Screen(red, black, yellow, white)
  • HASL Free Finish


LEF Electronics Co

LEF Electronics Co.,Limited is PCB(printed circuit boards) manufacturer from China. high TG boards,thick copper boards,blind and buried vias boards,high frequency boards,HDI boards ,flex boards,flex-rigid boards. FR4 PCBs and Aluminum PCBs.

San Francisco Circuits PCB Manufacturing


  •  ???

- Rigid-Flex PCBs & Flex PCBs

online PCB quote. Also does PCB design, flex PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly.

San Francisco Circuits PCB production capabilities:

  • 1 to 40+ copper layers board
  • 3 mil minimum Trace & Space


Optimatech Printed Circuit Board


  • __ trace/space (FIXME)


  • __ trace/space (FIXME)



  • __ trace/space (FIXME)

Also does PCB design, PCB assembly.

Advanced Assembly


  • Passives Down to 0201 Size
  • Fine Pitch to 08 Mils

(Apparently AAPCB doesn't do PCB fabrication, only the SMT and through-hole assembly that comes afterwards. Is there a better page for such companies?)


Homepage: http://www.jackaltac.com/

PCBs affordable for Hobbyists, Students, Semi-professionals, Spark-funners and others. An extreme simple Pool with only one type of PCB and only one delivery time. A strict “no frills” policy with no telephone lines, only one language on the website, no brochures and standard shipping packages, keeping the costs down



preferred: ?


  • 10 mil line/gap
  • 0.6 mm minimum final finished hole size
  • minimum pad size: Hole Size + 20 mil
  • minimum via: 40 mil pad with 20 mil hole
  • double-sided board

online quotation

Futurlec also does board assembly.

Precision Circuits of San Diego

Specializing in "heavy copper" PCBs (up to 8 ounce outer layers, up to 6 ounce inner ground plane). (How does this compare to "aluminum metal substrate" PCBs?) Has a nice overview of the PCB manufacturing process. capabilities: and tolerances:


  • Silkscreen ( Legend ) Standard minimum line width: 0.005"


  • 0.004" minimum trace/space on outer 1 oz. layers
  • 0.007" minimum trace/space on outer 3 oz. layers
  • 0.010" minimum clearance on inner layers
  • 0.009" minimum finished hole size with 0.062" PCB
  • 0.015" minimum finished hole size with thicker PCBs
  • 0.014" minimum Copper to Edge of Printed Circuit Board clearance (routed)
  • 0.019" minimum Copper to Edge of Printed Circuit Board clearance (scored)
  • "Please allow .125" spacing between individuals boards if you provide the panelization."
  • minimum pad diameter: hole diameter + 0.010"
  • minimum via size: I guess 0.009" + 0.010" = 0.019" ?

Precision Circuits also does PCB layout and PCB board assembly.

PCBGeek (Ningbo)


  • 0.008" minimum trace/space
  • (FIXME)

PCBGeek also does SMT PCB board assembly.

Other fab lists

Other web sites with a short list of recommendations:

Other web sites with long lists of PWB fabricators:

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