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The following is a user-submitted list of PCB manufacturers. Your results may vary.

(FIXME: briefly mention the most relevant "capabilities": "preferred" and "minimum" trace width / spacing / via hole size / via pad diameter. Link directly to the manufacturer's "capability page" so readers can confirm these numbers for themselves. Boards that push the limit of manufacturability cost more than robustly designed boards that use preferred sizes.) For more details, see Submitting PCB's for fabrication.)



Best prices around for >2 layer boards. 4-layer boards up to 30 sq in. with 7/7 are $210 for 5, including shipping. Turn time is about 10 days including DHL from China. Service is not as fast as bigger outfits like Advanced Circuits, but still fine.


2.50 / square inch + $10 setup, must use your own software to generate Gerber files. Easy-to-use web ordering interface, but slow turnaround time -- 10-20 days. Boards come out very nice -- precut, double-sided with silk screen and solder mask on both side.

Advanced Circuits

Good online design rule checking, easy web ordering interface, and small standard trace/space tolerances. Students can order single PCB's for $33 each.

Peter Todd mentions "bare bones prototype: printed circuit boards" http://BareBonesPCB.com/ :


  • 2-layer, FR-4, 0.062" thick
  • All-holes-plated
  • 8-mil line/gap (?)
  • Cut to rectangle shape only
  • No mask
  • No legend
  • Minimum hole size 0.015


  • 6 mil line, 10 mil gap on inner layers
  • 5 mil line/gap on outer layers (?)
  • 0.010 inch final finished hole size
  • minimum pad size: 0.024" (minimum 0.014" over finished hole size )


Bulgarian PCB manufacturer - $33 for a 6.3" by 3.9" board. I.E. cheaper than BatchPCB, but with a minimum board size requirement, and a more complicated ordering process. (shipping cost?)


  • white component mark on one side
  • traces/spaces >= 0,254 mm (0,010")
  • via hole size: 0.6mm (0,024") ( standard drill tool: 0,7 mm (0,028") minus plating 0,1mm (0,004") ) ; via pad size: ???

extra cost:

  • silkscreen both sides
  • minimum track/spaces: 0,203 mm (0,008")
  • minimum via hole size: ??? ; minimum via pad size: ???


Offers their own free (proprietary) schematic and PCB layout software -- easy to use, but you are locked into using their service. Integration with ordering system simplifies the process of ordering boards.


All orders submitted before noon ship the next day. UPS ground shipping is free. Since they are located in the Portland, OR area this means you can get a board overnight to most places in the Northwest US.

Basic service is a two layer board routed to any size and shape. Two 9 sq inch boards for $60(including shipping). Soldermask and silkscreen triples the price.

Eagle gerber conversion scripts are provided.


5 Boards for $60 ($12 ea. for 10 sq. inches) with a 5 day turn time. Good quality work, but turn times can be delayed if you have to correct any issues that don't meet their specs.

AP Circuits

2 boards, 2 layers next day shipping for as low as 7.95 each. Online quotes at http://www.apcircuits.com/ap/calculator Instructions for creating Gerber and NC output from many popular PCB programs are also on this site.


4 2 layer boards for $18.99 each. Great prices for production board runs. Helpful staff.

preferred: (FIXME:)

maximum capabilities:

  • minimum 0.004" (0.1 mm) trace/space
  • minimum finished hole size: 0.008" (0.2 mm)


Similar to PCB123, in that they have free propietary schematic and layout software, but their Mini-Board service (3 identical boards, 2.5" X 3.8", no silkscreen) is priced well at $51 total, which includes shipping. If you need small boards quickly, this is a good choice, since they ship the next business day.


Fast turnaround (~8days + shipping), instant online quotes. $30 tooling fee, under $2/sq in.

Speedy PCB Prototype

No minimum order, must wait 24 hours for quote, $9.9 for protos, no extra charge for soldermask, silkscreen, E-testing, very low price on 2, 4, 6 layers.


quick turn prototype and vol production choice, based in CN, price competitive while quality guarantee, contact for more detail: georgehgm@gmail.com

Roca Printed Circuits





(FIXME:) prototype prices: 3 small 2 sided prototype boards for a total of $54 + $22 shipping.





Custom PCB


Myro PCB



4 small (max. 30 sq. inch) 2 sided prototype boards for a total of $80 + $35 shipping

  • Min. track/space 0.015 mm (0.006"). (This looks like a typo -- is it really 0.15 mm ?)
  • 0.35 mm via hole (0.014")
  • 0.32 mm inner clearance (0.013").

Imagineering, Inc.



  • min. track/space 0.08 mm (0.003")
  • ...
  • instant online quote

Other fab lists

Other web sites with long lists of PWB fabricators:

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