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Manufacturer Description Available footprints
Trimble Lassen iQ GPS Module Protel
(none) Compact Flash IDE Connector Protel
Linx Technologies RF transmitters, RF receivers and USB transcievers Protel
Spark Fun Electronics Old SFE Footprint Library Protel
Spark Fun Electronics Updated Eagle SFE Footprint Library Eagle
Cypress PSoC microcontrollers Protel, Eagle
Microchip PIC microcontrollers gEDA ? ORCAD ?
Atmel Atmel AVR Protel (dead link)
Philips ARM microcontrollers in LQFP-48 package Eagle
Various Sarang: Many Protel libraries from Altium Protel
Misc. Variety of footprints for gEDA/PCB PCB Protel

gEDA Symbols and footprints

  • un-tested gEDA symbols and footprints
    • All of these Symbols are heavy symbols. gEDA has already provided most of the above symbols in light format for us to modify. The above symbols include more information than normal to save some time instead of configuring each symbol every time you use them.
  • Darryl Harmon's footprint generator for geda/pcb:


150+ SMT components dimension list

More than 150 SMT packages dimensions information

Other footprint libraries

"Open Symbol Project" with Mark Whitis "The Open Symbol Project aims to create an open collection of schematic symbols and PCB footprints released under a license that does not interfere with use in either commercial or free projects. ... can easily be modified to accommodate various design rules."

What can we do to help the Open Symbol Project?

PCB123 Libraries includes some footprint libraries (and a gallery of PCBs).

See also the SFE Footprint Library Eagle.

"John Luciani's gEDA/PCB Library"

A collection of footprints for use with the gEDA/PCB program. Also on the site are a variety of scripts to build footprints and automate PCB layout tasks.

QFN footprints

I'm a little intimidated by these little QFN packages. Alas, I've been asked to use a chip that doesn't have any alternative package.

"QFN/SON PCB Attachment Application Report: SLUA271"

"QFN Layout Guidelines: sloa122"

prototyping boards for Chip Scale (QFN) Packages from SchmartBoard

Any other tips?

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