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Please discuss issues about the website itself here.


Who writes Open Circuits

Who writes Open Circuits? You do!

We want everyone on the planet to write about the electrical and electronic projects they are working on. From the biggest electrical grid and the tallest wind turbines to the simplest LED circuits to the smallest integrated circuit.

History of Open Circuits

The beginning is described at Help:Contents

2014-Sept-29: Open Circuits was originally set up on DreamHost, and is currently still running on DreamHost. A few of the things we've learned are documented at running a DreamHost Wiki.

2014‎-March-14: We are Back! Open Circuits is in the process of recovering from 1000's of pages of spam, we have just gotten back to our old home: We will probably also maintain a read only mirror in case the spammers come back.

Some policies may have to be different to protect the site, we will try to be very open about what they are.

guidelines and policies


Is there some way to show schematics (and possibly PCBs) on these pages, in a way that is "easy to edit and improve"? Would the "Proof of concept web based SVG design viewer" ([1]; [2]) be useful towards that goal? --DavidCary (talk) 20:41, 29 April 2015 (PDT)

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