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Application System Works
Lemmings OCS v0.9 Works (According to screenshot)
SysInfo v3.24 OCS v0.9 Works (According to screenshot)
Workbench v1.3 OCS v0.9 According to Dennis [1]
Workbench v3.1 + KS3.1 src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Turrican OCS Screenshoot from Illuwatar
Great Giana Sisters OCS Screenshoot from Illuwatar
Bubble bobble src
Carrier Command src
Speedball src
Thundercats src
Monkey Island src
Blood Money src
Ikari Warriors src
Wizball src
ProTracker src, "started, but there was no MOD-files at the disk image..."
Deluxe Galaga src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Pinball Dreams src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Pinball Fantasies src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66 screenshoot
Frontier Elite src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Nuclear War src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
ArmourGeddon src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Rebels Coma (demo) src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Sonic drum kit src:Willem Nijhuis AKA Wizard66
Obliterator src:Illuwatar, FAIL
Outrun src:Illuwatar, FAIL
Colonization wizard66
Civilization wizard66
Dragons Breath whiteb
Red Sector MEGADEMO (Disks 1+2) whiteb
Budbrain 1 MEGADEMO (KAOS section) whiteb
Budbrain 2 MEGADEMO (AFRICA) whiteb
Firepower whiteb Both in Single Joy mode, and Split screen 2 Player). Serial link mode NOT tested
Cannon Fodder whiteb: Loads fine, but after a few minutes of action, mouse becomes uncontrollable dashing around the screen. (Possibly a faulty mouse).
23C Crew - Inside Anarchy Onno: A couple of blitter bugs
Adict - Mayday Resistance Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - Anti Fascist Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - I've got the Power Onno: Works, some 'scratches' in music
Alcatraz - Mega Demo II Onno: A couple of blitter bugs, one part completely unreadable
Alcatraz - Memorial Songs 1 Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - Memorial Songs 2 Onno: Fails. Guru: 8000.0004
Alcatraz - More than Music Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - Museum Onno: Works perfectly
Alcatraz - Music Disk 1 Onno: Intro is unreadable, everything else works
Alcatraz - Odyssey Onno: Few minor blitter bugs show up
Analog - 86 Musics Onno: Doesn't work
Analog - Falling Up Onno: Blitter bugs and then crashes, Guru 8000.0004
Analog - First Blood Onno: Unreadable text and nothing much seems to happen
Analog - One Day In The Solar System 2 Onno: Doesn't work
Analogy - Dyspepsia Onno: If you press the mouse button at the Dyspepsia logo screen, the music starts playing but nothing else happens, although the diskdrive led keeps flashing.
Anarchy - 3D Demo Onno: Some minor blitter bugs
Anarchy - 3D Demo II Intro FAIL, Onno: Works
Anarchy - 3D Demo II (V2.01) FAIL, Onno: Doesn't start
Anarchy - Captured Imagination Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Crass FAIL, Onno: Doesn't work, Guru: 8000.0003
Anarchy - Deja Vu Onno: Few minor blitter bugs show up and I heard the music skip a couple of times
Anarchy - Digital Innovation Onno: A couple of blitter bugs show up
Anarchy - Flower Power Onno: Blitter bugs
Anarchy - In The Kitchen FAIL, Onno: Doesn't start
Anarchy - Krest Mass Leftovers Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Legalize It Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Legalize It 2 Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Seeing is Believing Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - Spring Melodies Onno: Works perfectly
Anarchy - System Violation Onno: Works perfectly, stops abruptly
Andromeda - Decaying Paradise Onno: Few minor blitter bugs show up
Andromeda - DOS Demo Onno: Few minor blitter bugs show up
Andromeda - Mirror Onno: Works perfectly
Andromeda - Multica Onno: Some minor blitter bugs
Andromeda - Point Blank Onno: Works perfectly
Andromeda - Sequential Onno: Doesn't start
Anthrox - Inner Madness Onno: Crashes in end part. Guru: 8000.0004
Anubis - Remix Animation Onno: Some blitter bugs, ends abruptly
Arcadia Team - Mega Demo Onno: Seems to work? Is there really only a logo-screen and a scroller-part in this MEGA-demo?
Arise - Drinks 40K Tracktro Onno: Doesn't start
Aurora - Fragile Intensity Onno: Fails halfway through with Guru: 8000.0003
Aurora - Lost In Denmark Onno: Works perfectly, very smooth!
Austex - Genesis Collection Onno: Few Blitter bugs
Rage - Alchemy Onno: Works perfectly
Pirates Andeda: Works great
IK+ Andeda: Works great
Arkanoid Andeda: Works great
James Pond 1&2 TheDaddy: screenshoot
Jimmy Whites whirlwind snooker TheDaddy: screenshoot
Flashback (delphine software) TheDaddy: screenshoot
Pang! TheDaddy: screenshoot
B.C. Kid TheDaddy: screenshoot
Deliverance TheDaddy: screenshoot
International Karate+ TheDaddy: list
Hybris TheDaddy: list
It Came From The Desert TheDaddy: list
Chaos Engine 1&2 TheDaddy: list
Katakis TheDaddy: list
Kick Off 1&2 TheDaddy: list
Gods TheDaddy: list
Advantage Tennis TheDaddy: list
Impossible Mission II TheDaddy: list
Flashback TheDaddy: list
Another World TheDaddy: list
Defender Of The Crown TheDaddy: list
F16 TheDaddy: list
Fire and Ice NO, TheDaddy: Missing main sprite
Superfrog NO, TheDaddy: Main sprite is corrupted
Megaball TheDaddy: list
Deliverance TheDaddy: list
Crazy Cars III TheDaddy: list
Myth TheDaddy: list
Bubba 'n' Stix TheDaddy: list
Airport TheDaddy: list
Alien Breed Special Edition TheDaddy: list
Alien Breed Tower Assault TheDaddy: list
Final Fight TheDaddy: list
Agony TheDaddy: list
Overdrive TheDaddy: list
Kickstart 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.04 RedskullDC

(All assumed to be working on Minimig v1.1 OCS PAL system, unless otherwise specified)

maffoo 070810:

Kickstart 3.1 would work, as long as you had the kickstart image. I doubt OS3.9 would work though, doesn't it need at least an 020?


WHDLoad is designed to emulate the older Amiga hardware in a system-legal way, allowing older games to run on newer hardware. When a game runs under WHDLoad, it takes over the entire operating system, but quitting the game restores the system back into its normal working state.

Kickstart versions (important changes):

Version Comment
1.0 Initial
1.1 Bug fixes
1.2 ROM kickstart, AutoConfig
1.3 Harddisc boot, FFS?
2.x BCPL -> C
3.x Datatypes
3.5 ISO-FS, IP-stack, Harddisc >4GB

Wikipedia: AmigaOS versions

wizard66 071021:

"Yes you can load kickstart v3.1 on the minimig fine. I have tested all versions"

JosephC: "Try playing Lionheart on it. Without any fastram the scrolling will be jerky. With fastram on a real A500 it is always silky smooth."

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