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Information about the open source movement.

Topic Topic Link Comment
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OSCON 2007 - Phillip Torrone and Limor Fried A video on open source Limor aka LadaAda
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Open source hardware, what is it? Here's a start... From MakeZine
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The Foundation for P2P Alternatives

Lots of information about open source. This page of the wiki actually links back to us!
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Open Manufacturing
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Welcome to the Thingiverse May be miscatagorized here
  • MailList
Open Manufacturing Google Group
  • Standard
Embedded Open Modular Architecture (PCMCIA re-use) An Open Standard for re-use of legacy PCMCIA form-factor for Modular hot-swappable CPU Cards.
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Talk: open source hardware a long discussion of what people want in an "open source hardware" license.
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Hackerspaces: Legal mentions several popular "open source hardware" licenses
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Open Hardware Repository Meta Project
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"Hardware Isn't Generally Copyrightable"

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