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[[Analog Devices Inc.]] - Amplifiers, Converters, RF/IF Components, MEMS, DSP
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[[CUI]] - Power supplies, power connectors, etc
[[CUI]] - Power supplies, power connectors, etc

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CUI - Power supplies, power connectors, etc

Molex - The great connector company

Nordic Semiconductors - ISM Band(s) Transmitters and Transceivers

Samtec - USA based mfg of connectors and cables. They have the wacky stuff for reasonable prices.

Microchip - Microcontrollers - the great PIC family of microcontrollers

Atmel - Flash memory, ARM microcontrollers, - and the famous AVR microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics -


Philips -- many things, including ARM microcontrollers

If you want information *about* a particular part, the best place is the datasheet -- usually on the manufacturer's web site.

If you want the actual part itself, though -- sometimes you can get samples directly from the manufacturer. But that's pretty hit-or-miss. Your best bet is through some distributor or supplier.

(A "distributor" and a "supplier" are the same thing, right?)

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