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Open Circuits

Open Circuits is a wiki for sharing open source electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, ports and parts libraries. Please help us to build this resource by submitting your descriptions, projects, instructions, techniques, board layouts, PCB footprints, and other documentation for electronics. This includes

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ALL Electronics and Microcontroller circuits --npeducations

Meta Open Source

Meta Open Source: Not projects or information on projects, but stuff about Open Hardware Initiatives and the open source movement ( mostly hardware ) itself.

The Open Source Movement, typically covers Open Hardware, Open Firmware, and Open Software.

Open Hardware is similar to Free and Open Source Software.

The Open Firmware movement provides firmware (i.e.: micro-code specifically related to the subcoding of hardware devices) which you may also know as soft-IP or FPGA coding see Open Cores for more details.

Excellent examples of specific Open Hardware projects are listed on our Projects page. Discussions of more general open-hardware ideas are on a few pages here, such as open source electronics, Ideas, Meta Open Source, etc.

Just as many important pieces of open-source software are, in turn, used to develop software (including more open-source software), many important open-hardware devices are, in turn, used to develop hardware devices (including more open-hardware devices) -- such as Oscilloscope#Open Source Oscilloscopes. There's also a bit of crossover, in that software tools (many of them open-source software) are often used to develop open-source hardware.


The most common "open hardware" licenses are the Creative Commons Licenses and the GNU General Public License. The GNU people wrote the the GPL FAQ to deal with common questions and misunderstandings of the GPL. The GNU people go on to say

"We encourage people who redistribute free software to charge as much as they wish or can. If this seems surprising to you, please read on." -- GNU: "Selling Free Software"

For example, Linksys makes money selling (among other things) their Linksys WRT54G series routers, which use Linux under the GPL license.

To understand what your entitlements and responsibilities are under the applicable license(s); each hardware, firmware and/or software piece you have either copied, modified, developed using tools provided or if you intend distributing your development, you MUST read each and every license, and be specifically aware that you may not mix such license(s) together unless they can co-exist under one umbrella license. For example you may modify, copy, enhance and distribute parts your project which are all under the same license e.g.: or .

Some people are working on licenses that are specifically designed for "open hardware". "Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Draft Definition 1.0"[1]. Wikipedia: "Open Hardware License"[2] mentions "CERN Open Hardware License"[3][4] and the "TAPR Open Hardware License"[5]. David L. Jones has a short video that discusses open-source hardware[6] and mentions several licenses, including the CERN Open Hardware Licence[7].

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