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Welcome to South Coast Innovation Labs Wiki

We are SCIL the South Coast Innovators Lab. It is a Maker Space; see this if you want to know What is a Maker Space -- This wiki is a place where all those interested in SCIL can write material to share. It is a wiki like Wikipedia and we invite all those interested in maker places ( and particularly our members ) to contribute.

Note: Spammers managed to destroy the wiki and we did not follow the three rules of computing ( backup^3 ). As of mid August we are beginning to rebuild the wiki, this time we will probably back it up.

Links in red are waiting for content, many others are just started. Want to help? (Need Help) Let User:Russ_hensel know.


We Want Members

We could really use more members, there are great opportunities here, but many people are missing them see: SCIL Membership We would also love donations, some like cardboard boxes you may have around the house. Other are a bigger deal. Take a look at Donations‎‎. (Need Help)

Wiki News

Loose wire brought the Wiki down, but we are back up at last.

Since the Wiki is just restarting I am going to have a section here for news about the wiki, as we get more complete I will probably delete this section. You can also click on the link at the left <Recent changes> to see what is new.

  • red links are empty, help us write them, please!
  • Oct 2, 2016 Passed the 30 page mark.... Oct 16 60 pages plus.
  • links from main site seem to be working
  • invalid certificate seems to be fixed -- if not let User:Russ_hensel know.
  • we are planning to offer a course on Programming in Python. This will be mostly web based. The starting link is here: A Course On Python

Help At the Wiki By:

  • Share maker expertise. SCIL Workshops/Courses
  • Suggest new activities and projects: Suggestions
  • Document how to use equipment.
  • Document, publicize and brag about some of your projects.


Info on membership

Things We Need To Do Soon


Labs may not always be the best term, but these are spaces with equipment dedicated to a special activity, often associated with a special interest group ( SIG )

Special Interest Groups ( SIGs )

Equipment and Its Operation


From time to time we offer courses, see: SCIL Courses

Elsewhere on the web you can read about SCIL

Use the Categories below to link to other topics on this Wiki

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