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Digital Potentiometers

Digital Potentiometers(AD5204) The digital Potentiometers made by analog devices (AD5204) has 255 positions can be adjusted by the microcomputer that can receive commands from the computer. This is a great way for analog circuitry to have digital control. This is a chip with 4 digitally controlled POTs and the pots can be daisy chained to have multiple chips controled by a single SPI interface.

Voltage Regulators

Linear Regulators
High current, Variable Voltage Regulator
TPS V-Regs
These are 3.3V and 5V LDO, Low-Noise Voltage Regulators. Very small SOT-23 SMD package. 150mA max current. Best used in battery applications.
Basic Voltage Regulators
Variable voltage regulators, set output regulators, we give you the whole breakdown. Perfect for use with an external wall-wart power supply.
UA723CN Symbol.gif
The 723 Voltage Regulator
Precision Voltage Regulator. Can be used as fixed or floating, variable, linear or switching.

NOTE: Only the DIP-14 version (image) has the Vz pin, which is used for negative regulators. The Metal Can and the Flat-Pack do not have enough pins so exclude the Vz.

Switching Regulators
Extremely Efficient, 120mA Flyback Switching Regulators.


I've written a little about the various kinds of microcontrollers at Wikibooks: Embedded Systems. --DavidCary 06:15, 10 March 2007 (PST)

Op Amps

Op amps and instrumentation amps.

op amps: great for amplifying weak signals from sensors to a more useful level. Also used in filters, integrators, etc.

  • Wikibooks:Op-Amps has a "quick design process" using Daisy's theorem: "The sum of the gains = +1 in a properly-designed op amp circuit."

logic gates

There are hundreds of other specialized logic gates. Here we only list the ones we actually use in some Open Circuit Project:

  • 74HC595 eight bit shift register with output latch (used for POV display)
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