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Ask Technical Questions Here ( research them first, if Google answers it, use Google, Not Us )

You may get an answer, you may not. Please Date Your question. Put the most recent questions at the top of the question list. Put plenty of detail in the question. Your problem may be clear to you, but not so to the rest of us.


Question 3


I am looking for a CEF04N6 transistor for an Acer monitor. China wants to sell me 2 at $10 each plus $50 shipping. The monitor isn't worth more than $100. Please advise. Date: 6/23/08


Question 2


hello i am looking for a inline and paralel messuring tools ,and was wondering if i can do it with a gyroscoop Date:23-2-2008 more or less


Could you clarify the question a bit? What specifically are you trying to do?

Question 1


Feb '08: how do I add my c code so it will be colored in this wiki? I can have it export to a html file and rtf


I russ_hensel don't know, perhaps the reader who really cares can export into a smart editor for reading. The wiki accepts some html, you might try just pasting it in. Perhaps someone out there has a tool or editor script that will do it off line. I realize that these suggestions do not help much, but it is the best I got.

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