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Member of this Wiki and got a Blog or Website? Link to it here: Note that there are template enteries that can make editing easier.

At the bottom of the page is a section for non member, but member recommended sites.

Wiki Members Links

What Link Comment

  • WebSite

Westport High School Robotics and Electronics Club Home

A web site of russ_hensel for a High School Club.

  • Blog
  • WebSite

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Non Members Links

Found a Blog or Website that is so general that it does not fit well into the structure of this site? If you think it is so good that you are willing to sign your recommendation then list it here.

What Link Comment

  • Blog

Keith’s Electronics Blog

russ_hensel I do not like blogs much, too much look at me, not enough content ( IMHO ) but this seems very good.

  • Blog

Screaming Circuits

Lots of tips on PCB design (and how things so often go wrong).

  • Wiki

AVRs are wrong

A site dedicated to sharing proven, well-documented avr-gcc compilable code for AVRs.

  • Blog
  • WebSite

The Blog

Several online JavaScript calculators relevant to PCB design

  • Blog
  • WebSite
Ladyada’s Ranting Well worth checking out, build some of her stuff and go to prison?
  • Blog
Blog Archive of Open Source Hardware From the folks at Make
  • Blog
  • Wiki
NYCResistor Blog
NYCResistor Wiki
NYCResistor is a hacker space based in NYC.
  • Forum
  • WebSite
DIY Audio Türkiye Forum
DIY Audio Türkiye
Turkish DIY Audio community website has great forum and projects.

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