GM862 SMD Connector

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Original Creator: --Sparkfun 12:08, 26 January 2006 (PST)

This is the Molex SMD connector that interfaces to the GM862 Cellular Modules. If you're prototyping with the GM862, you pretty much have to have one of these. Watch out, it's 0.5mm pitch, 50-pin, SMD connector. You can solder it by hand, but you'll need some experience, solder wick, and a decent iron. You can also reflow it with a hot-plate and a stencil. If you're not comfortable soldering it, there are breakout boards and designs available from SFE.

GM862 Hardware User Guide

Coming in a minute from SFE.

Manufacturer Info:
Molex part # : 53748-0504 - Oh yea, they have free samples. But it can take a few days, and it's only available for parts in stock. Oh shoot, do we need a manufacturers area? Eeek.

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