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My [Md420] fermenter controller belongs to the [PyPicn] family of projects.
The PIC 18F252 microcontroller unit controls a refrigeration assisted cooling system and heaters to maintain the fermentation cabinet temperature. External, internal and vessel temperatures are measured and logged. The temperatures where I live vary greatly and as the cabinet is an old gutted fridge sitting outside it its exposed to the elements and therefore requires a decent heating/cooling setup.
The cabinets air can be circulated using a fan driven exhaust system. This prevents gas build up, stops temperature layers forming and can be used to aid the heating/cooling system by comparing the set point with outside temperature. Fermentation is exothermic, especially so when your fermenting substances other than beer ;) Sucking in the cool night air is a very good, non power hungry, way of cooling.
The (GTK)gui and software is written in python and works on windows and Linux alike. It talks to the PC's serial port using TCP sockets thus allowing multiple connections to the one device.

  • For example. One python script is used to collect data, temperatures etc and log/ display graphs.
    • A second script simultaneously requests data and can re configure if required the control features.
    • A third can collect data for a web page. etc etc
  • some [screenshots] which reminds me they need updating.
  • Its by no means a simple solution.

Remote access to the data and control aspects can of course be reached thru an ssh tunnel via the internet.


  • The [PyPicn]system can and is used to control all manner of Home automation and other devices across the web or locally. Various "black boxes" like the fermentation [Md420] collect and control various devices.
      • Its an extension of a work related project

Online Demo

You can visit the web page of a similar project.

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