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This page is designed to help with issues when the Smart Terminal seems not to be running or running properly. The main page for this project is: Python Smart Terminal.



The following comes from my and other's experiences in trying to get the terminal running. Hope this helps. If not let me know at: User:Russ_hensel

Missing Modules


Python complains about modules not found.


Find and install the modules, sometimes this may be caused by errors in the download package. If unsure contact me User:Russ_hensel.

Runs, Nothing Happens


Ran the program from command line or console and after starting we see something like "running mainloop", but nothing else happens.


Look around your computer's windows, the SmartTerminal may open in the background. It would be good to fix this in the app, there is a patch now, but may not always work.

Terminal Starts, Arduino Does not Respond


You send out data, but get nothing back, you have your reasons to believe that the arduino is working OK. Or you are getting data back but it is gibberish.


The terminal lets you send data to nowhere, if the port is not open, so make sure it is open ( look at the status display, use the open button ). If the port is open it may still be running at the wrong baud rate. Check the status display for the baud rate and use the parameter file ( you can access from the parameter button ) and set to the desired baud rate. There are also other comm settings, if you are still having trouble check them all.

Lack of Error Messages


Things not working, but no error messages in the console.


There may be the messages you are looking for in the log file. Use the GUI button to edit the log, or track down its name in the parameter file and then edit it.

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