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Just a draft may or may not be completed.

Controlino Notes

What is Controlino

it is the Arduino component of Instrumentino Notes

Links to what the authors think:



Misnomer I do not want to really install it I want compile it and run on my Uno. See Russ's Computer Environment

Ton of files ( well maybe 10 ) on gitHub. Seems the only one that matters much is controlino.cpp. Download it. Make a new arduino project. I called mine controlino_ino. In its file controlino_ino.ino paste the contents of controlino.cpp. Follow the directions in the file. Compile. Worked the first time. Now have something on my uno. What?


Reading the code and probing with my terminal

  • commands appear not to be caps sensitive
  • use a cr at end of commands

  • set xxx yyy => sets pin n to input or output ( digital ) if pin is out of range o..
    • set 3 in => think this is correct syntax
    • set in 3 => looks incorrect
    • set xxx yyy => cannot be valid but no error message, no error may be ok
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