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[edit] Draft

Just a draft may or may not be completed. See also: Instrumentino Notes

[edit] What is Controlino

It is the Arduino component of Instrumentino Notes

Links to what the authors think:

[edit] Get it Running

I want compile it and run on my Uno. See Russ's Computer Environment

Ton of files ( well maybe 10 ) on gitHub.

  • Seems the only one that matters much is controlino.cpp.
  • Download it.
  • Make a new arduino project. I called mine controlino_ino.
  • In the project's file, controlino_ino.ino, paste the contents of controlino.cpp.
  • Follow the directions in the file.
  • Compile.
  • Worked the first time.
  • Now have something on my uno. What?
  • More comming

[edit] Protocol

What is the Protocol? Have not found any documents. Reading the code and probing with my terminal. Send a command and get a response.

  • commands appear not to be caps sensitive
  • use a cr at end of commands
  • at end of command Arduino says "done/r"
  • BlinkPin <pin> <ms to blink>
    • BlinkPin 7 200 => works

  • set xxx yyy => sets pin n to input or output ( digital ) if pin is out of range o..
    • set 3 in => think this is correct syntax
    • set in 3 => looks incorrect
    • set xxx yyy => cannot be valid but no error message, no error may be ok
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