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''(FIXME: a few words here about the BeagleBone ...)''
''(FIXME: a few words here about the BeagleBone ...)''
* [ Beagle Board] is an open-hardware board] that runs Linux on a Texas Instruments OMAP3530 system-on-a-chip, which includes an ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, a TMS320C64x+ DSP ... [ supported by the Texas Instruments company].
''(FIXME: link to the BeagleBone Black System Reference Manual (SRM).)''
''(FIXME: link to the BeagleBone Black System Reference Manual (SRM).)''

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(FIXME: a few words here about the BeagleBone ...)

(FIXME: link to the BeagleBone Black System Reference Manual (SRM).)


tips for designing a new BeagleBone cape

(If you've designed a cape, please add to this page a few tips that you wish you had known earlier)

A few OpenCircuits members have designed BeagleBone capes.

You may want to throw together a quick proto board before spinning a custom PCB.

When designing a cape, you may want to look at the capes that have already been designed -- see "lists of existing capes" below. Perhaps some pre-existing cape (or a stack of capes) is close enough that you can buy one, cut out stuff you don't want and hack in a couple more things, then confirm that the new circuit will work, with less effort than making a prototype completely from scratch.

When designing a cape, consider perhaps making the outline small enough that the stack fits in some off-the-shelf Enclosures#BeagleBone enclosure.

Alas, many designers assume *their* cape is going to be on top, which makes such capes useless to people that need to have some *other* cape on top. Therefore, try to design your cape so it works when plugged into the middle of a stack.

stacking connectors

(FIXME: isn't there some other OpenCircuits page that discusses stacking connectors? Link to it here.)

BeagleBone capes need to have 23x2 position gold plated 0.1" pitch stacking connectors. lists one source of stacking connectors for BeagleBone.

Perhaps using several of these connectors side-by-side and end-to-end would be adequate?:

Is this connector adequate?: "Samtec SSQ-123-03-G-D" available from DigiKey

Major League SSHQ-123-D-06-G-LF Major League SSHQ-123-D-08-G-LF Major League SSHQ-123-D-10-G-LF or etc. according to p. 101 of the BeagleBone Black System Reference Manual (SRM). and the BOM at Available from: stacking connector at Future Electronics.

lists of existing capes

$10 BeagleBone Proto Cape with EEPROM

Benjamin Ball. [http: // java . dzone . com/articles/7-powerful-beaglebone-addons "7 Powerful BeagleBone Addons to Be Excited About". ] (FIXME: fix above link?)

Other open-source stuff related to BeagleBone

"LinuxCNC running on the BeagleBone to control a 3D printer"

"The 'BeBoPr Bridge' ... PCBs ... design is 'Open Source Hardware' and the design information and Gerbers are available for download ... handle all the signal re-routing needed to make the BeBoPr fully compatible with the BeagleBone Black." --

"Library for interfacing with the SensorCape for BeagleBone Black. Also includes Open Source Hardware files for the cape design." -- and (old location: )

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