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This is the basic barrel power jack. Commonly used with wall-warts to get power onto your board. These come in a variety of sized. 5.5mm OD with a 2.1mm ID (the pin in the middle) is a common size. For DC systems, you also have to know the polarity : center positive means the center pin is positive and the outer shield is grounded or the center pin is grounded and the outer shield is positive. I've always used center positive for DC systems.

example power supply

Common configuration:

Barrel Jack for 10-15V unregulated from a wall-wart
Reverse polarization diode (1Amp is usually sufficient)
Power Switch
10-100uF decoupling (25-30V rated caps)
LM317, LM1117, LM7805, etc for the voltage regulation (make sure the v-reg can handle 10-15V input)
10uF and 0.1uF decoupling for Vcc on the far end of the v-reg

SFE Footprint Library

FP Name: Power Jack

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Related Items:
Wall warts, voltage regulators, etc

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