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Toaster oven reflow

Toaster oven reflowing:

To measure temperatures close to the melting point of solder, some people use:

  • visually watch for the solder to turn from "matte" to "shiny"
  • temperature indicator stick
  • pyrometric cone
  • thermocouple (type K seems to be the lowest-cost thermocouple and entirely adequate)

Some people recommend "IR ovens" such as the black and decker lightwave oven.

Some people claim that electric skillets are better than toaster ovens for reflowing PCBs full of electronic components.

External links

  • Alas, The Silicon Horizon Inc website seems to have gone offline. archive: "techFX reflow controller" designed to convert a toaster oven into an SMD reflow oven. Based on a Microchip 18f4550 MCU.
    • "Using The Silicon Horizon Inc's techFX reflow controller, you can have a standalone setup (with lcd and keypad) or use it through your USB port with windows software. The LCD and keypad are optional items."
    • "The windows application can program PID gains, setup a keypad, and store profiles on the controller for later use or keypad use. The windows software also shows realtime graphing of the temperature curve."
  • "You, too, can do 0402!" by Bill Shaw ( ). The title is kind of toungue-in-cheek. While you can do 0402 SMT work at home, it takes much patience and a steady hand. 0805's on the other hand are pretty easy once you get used to them. Email if you have any questions. hth, Bill (bill (at) .
  • Toaster Oven SMD -- illustrated step-by-step details. Claims that toaster ovens are better than hotplates.
  • "Have you seen my new soldering Iron?" by Kenneth Maxon
  • the front page of stencils unlimited mentions using a "stencil kits ... with my surface mount prototype designs, and ... toaster oven."
  • "[TUTORIAL FabricaciĆ³n de un horno de reflujo casero" ([TUTORIAL] Making a homemade reflow oven)]
  • Mike Harrison. "A SMD reflow oven built in under 30 minutes for about a fiver." Adapting a vertical "pop-up" toaster to reflow PCBs.

Hello, I bought a Silicon Horizon PID TechFX 3.0 controller, it worked three times and then failed. Since I use a ground strap and a grounded antistatic mat, I am fairly certain that I did not ESD damage the controller during construction. Couple that with the fact that repeated e-mails to Silicon Horizon regarding the matter did not elicit cogent response or replies, and then two weeks later, Corvet123's (used to post on's website), website posted this message, "We are not out of business, we are reorganizing, Silicon Horizon will return in 2 quarters". Well? A couple of weeks later, their website disappeared.

My beef with them is two fold, prior to purchase, I contacted Corvette123 (own/designer of the TechFX controller/Silicon Horizon) and chatted with him. He told me that source code and the schematics for the controller was freely available would be located on the CDrom which is shipped with the controller. Well, those items were not on the CDrom and now the controller is dead, I can't even repair it unless I reverse engineer the product.


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