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Hi DavidCary,

This wiki has been consistently intruded by unknown users who include web links and advertistments. Please consider blocking these users.


Yes. It is quite annoying.
Just now I blocked a few of those anonymous IP addresses.
I tried to "semi-protect" the DsPIC30F 5011 Development Board content page, so only logged-in users could edit it.
But somehow I doubt I got it right the first time.
--DavidCary 15:21, 2 March 2007 (PST)


Im a student from austria . I found your page and im happy, because I'm in the last year in a tecnical school and here I found usefull informations. My teammates and I are working with a DsPic30F6014A and we want to use the Programmer with JAVA :) So I think this is the right adress to look for support and some documentation about to use it.

Our idea is to create a application to include the programmer, because we are not allowed to use the Hyperterminal, but we have to change parameters while the chip is in operation mode :)

nice page by the way :)

good afternoon .

greets mario

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