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We're a renowned multi-layer PCB manufacturer located in South China. Our local and export biz and experience to European and American countries have been successful for more than 15 years; we do understand what our customers’ needs and we’re confident to provide you our multi-layer PCBs with good quality while our pricing is reasonable. All of our PCBs meet UL, IPC and RoHS or REACH internationally recognized standards.

What we can do as follows:

1) 2 to 16-layer PCBs, High-complex Boards with BGA, HDI laser drill, and 1 to 4-layer Aluminum or Copper based PCBs; 2) All kinds of surface treatment such as H.A.L. lead-free, O.S.P., Gold plating, Immersion gold, immersion silver, Peel-able mask, Gold finger, Carbon ink, etc.; 3) Prototypes of quick turn; High-mix order with any quantity like 1 or a few pieces, small or mid volume.

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