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SCIL needs a WebMaster and general manager of IT Infrastructure. This may be one or more person(s). Lets break it down into the required tasks and then try to figure out how to staff ( or omit ) each task. We (Need Help) with this staffing.

Currently Cory, Russ, and Ed are trying to cover these, can you help?

We need to do this stuff, yes?


For software maintain includes installation and backup.

  • Maintain main web site ( something or other content management system ? )
  • Contribute to Blogs on site -- User:Russ_Hensel and lots of room for more
  • Maintain Wiki
  • Contribute to Wiki -- User:Russ_Hensel and lots of room for more
  • Maintain Listserver


  • Maintain physical computer boxes and servers
  • Maintain wired infrastructure and wired routers
  • Maintain wireless infrastructure.

The following is another way of breaking down the IT workload (non-technical people should be able to contribute to blogs and wikis)

IT administration

  • Client systems administrator - maintain physical workstations (Linux and Windows based)
  • Server systems administrator - to include the following sub-tasking
    • Webmaster
    • List-server manager
    • Systems administration - maintain / patch operating system level software as well as troubleshoot server hardware
  • Network administrators - to include the following sub-tasking
    • Security administration
    • Network architecture
    • Network administration - configuring network devices to include routers / switches / wireless APs
    • Physical cabling
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