Programmable Potentiometers

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This is used in [The Programmable Chip EEG project at].

The digital Potentiometers made by analog devices (AD5204) has 255 positions can be adjusted by the microcomputer that can receive commands from the computer. This is a great way for analog circuitry to have digital control. This is a chip with 4 digitally controlled POTs and the pots can be daisy chained to have multiple chips controled by a single SPI interface.

AD5204—4-Channel with daisy chain ability AD5206—6-Channel without daisy chain ability Potentiometer Replacement 10 kV, 50 kV, 100 kV 3-Wire SPI-Compatible Serial Data Input

Digikey Part Number: AD5204BN10-ND

AD5204 - 4-Channel, 256-Position Digital Potentiometer



Eagle footprint data: AD5204a.png

Eagle library (footprint, schematic symbol)

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