Minimig Board v1.0 verilog sources

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Filename Description
Agnus.v Agnus: Bus control (RAM, CPU, DMA), Blitter, Copper.
Blitter.v Blitter part of Agnus.
Copper.v Copper part of Agnus.
Gary.v Glue logic. Address decoding, cpu/chip multiplex, kickstart and bootrom overlay, CIA E clock synchronization.
Amber.v Flicker fixer. Scandoubler to allow connection to a VGA monitor. Overlay OSD.
Paula.v Paula: Discdrive, serial RS232, audio
Floppy.v Floppy disc controller part of Paula.
Audio.v Audio part of Paula. Delta-Sigma modulator.
Denise.v Denise: Video timing, colour lookup, Sprites, Genlocking.
Bitplanes.v Bitplane part of Denise. Converts bus data into 6-bit serial video data. Supports all ocs modes. Handles pf1<->pf2 priorities.
Sprites.v Sprites part of Denise. Supports all OCS sprite modes.
CIA8520.v Simplified implementation of both CIAs. [More info]
PS2Keyboard.v PS/2 keyboard handler
Userio.v On Screen Display, SPI, Joysticks, PS/2 Mouse.
BootRom.v Early startup code of the Minimig. Transfers the kickstart rom image trough the floppy interface to the kickstart ram area.
Minimig1.v Top module that binds it all together.
clock_dcm.v Xilinx FPGA Digital Clock Module configuration.
Minimig1.ucf FPGA pin assignments

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