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This is a note for parents of students in the Westport High School Robotics Club. It discusses items your student ( or you on his/her behalf ) might consider purchasing. Note that no purchases are required for club membership, and that the instructor, me, Mr H will supply some material for the whole club to use.

This year we are using small microcontroller boards called Arduinos ( Google will flood you with results if you Google Arduino ). It is about the size of a business card and costs between about $10 and $60. To use them you need access to a computer running Windows, Mac OSX or Linux, a USB cable, and some electronic components including prototyping breadboards. You can get a kit with all this stuff ( not the PC or MAC ) for about $60. Here is a link to the kit: [Arduino Starter Kit] If you get just the Arduino I have a $30.00 recommendation.

Students do not need to get any of the above, but if they do they can take the equipment home, work with it at home and keep any project they build with it. You may or may not think this is a good idea, and depends to a large extent on your student's true interest and how valuable you think an experience is. You may want to have your student fund it out of his/her own resources or help them with it. I do not want students to make a purchase without his/her parents knowledge. There is no rush for decision, we can proceed for now without any purchases, or make them in the near future.


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