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What We are Looking For

The idea is to build the same printer that I built because I have been happy with it. But you can choose to do this or get something else. My kit is based on the Prussa I3, but is a clone. This saves $500 dollars over the real thing, albeit with a decrease in both quality and features. I think this is a good trade off ( and also leads me to the plan of getting the real thing soon -- now on order ). These are some of the criteria I used/using. The original Prussa pretty much meets all, the clones are a bit off.

  • Prints with PLA and ABS
  • Heated bed
  • Auto leveling
  • 1.75mm
  • Open source firmware ( mine seems close but not all the way there )
  • High Power power supply ( mine has been ok, but another 10 amps would be nice )
  • Industry standard parts
  • Open source hardware specs
  • High temp extruder
  • Offline printing
  • LCD Screen


My kit was a Tronxy so based on experience it should work. Here are links that are about right, I still need to review each one, the ones I really do not like will be deleted.


Links on commercial sites go stale fairly quickly, you may have to search again. Also progress makes old printers poor choices.

Key words for the searches look on ebay, amazon, gearbest...... key words: Tronxy Prussa I3 Anet A8 Auto Level Heated Bed

The Actual Links

The real Prussa but not 200 dollars


Reviewed: ( price inc shipping ) Here are 4 I would look at first.

Not Reviewed

So far I have found the best price on ebay. The following links may be close, but do not fully fit my criteria ( remember part of criteria is that it is like mine ). Some may be better than mine.


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